The first 100% green surfing competition

Sound system, computers, printers... In an isolated site and during a competition, these indispensable accessories run on a greedy generator that requires 40 to 50 litres of petrol per day. This pollution is not so bad for a sport that wants to be as close as possible to nature, which even owes its existence to it...

The Quiksilver eco meeting tour, an international surfing competition that runs until 18 October in Saint-Leu, with 80 competitors (including 6 South Africans and 2 Mauritians), is in tune with the sun. A trailer, largely financed by the Quiksilver brand, and made to measure, plays the intermediary.

The organizers of the event, anxious to preserve the planet, listened to the recommendations of the Laboratoire d’écologie urbaine de la Réunion. Three elements were taken into account: Energy management, waste management and respect for the site. Among the solarists, only the company NRJ-Sol-R agreed to play the game.

" six square meters of solar panels are oriented at 15 degrees, the best angle to catch the rays. The current passes through and charges the batteries ", explains Frédéric Ménard, secretary of the club. A new tool that generates a gain in comfort. "We'll be able to have a fridge." In all, the amount of energy produced is 1600 watts. With peaks at 2200, if necessary. An innovation that makes the vice-president of the South African surfing federation happy: " it's the first surfing competition in energy autarky. ”. In addition to the environmental aspect, this competition also innovates through this collaboration with South Africa. Last year's impeccable hosts of a group of Reunion Islanders, the locals wanted to return the favour. Our neighbours particularly appreciate to ride on reef or left-handed waves, which they don't have in their country.

Source : Le Journal de l’île

Date de parution : 15 Octobre 2008

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